WE take pride in our results and will always remain transparent and open with our followers wherever possible.

When we introduced our new model we announced a goal of reaching +100 units before the end of the year.

As it stands we remain well on track to reach our target and hope to deliver profits for everyone who comes on board.

We are dedicated to spending all our time providing further insight and analysis on the latest sports action from around the globe, which is why we no longer have time to provide weekly write-ups outlining our results.

Instead, we will update this page daily to keep you informed of our year-to-date records from all our tips.

Check out our results below as we push towards that +100 unit goal.

YTD: +69.46 units

Sport Results (W/L) Return (+/-)
MLB 190-127 +40.73 units
NCAA Football 50-41-1 +13.77 units
NBA 67-55 +4.46 units
NFL 37-38 +2.63 units
Football 68-50 +19.12 units
NBL 10-11 -0.88 units
NRL 29-29-1 -0.83 units
Tennis 6-8 -3.66 units
AFL 16-25 -9.96 units
Boxing 2-1 +1.84 units
NHL 1-1 -0.05 units
Multi Maker 19-27 -1.57 units

NCAA Basketball                      6-2                                       +3.86 units

Last updated: Thursday, 24 November (9:30 pm)